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We run our website on a part-time basis and want to bring the military enthousiast and collector closer together with dealers and other like-minded people.

Advertising Conditions
Our website welcomes advertisements for all military antiques dealers, vehicles, spares, military surplus items and militaria, plus related businesses services and suppliers. 
Whilst we use reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all advertisements and information placed on our website, we can accept no liability for the accuracy of information published suitability for purpose or quality of goods / services offered, guarantee of ownership or legality, nor for any consequential loss or damages which may result therefrom. 

By submitting an advertisement to our website, the advertiser confirms that it has full title to the goods / services on offer and that, unless clearly stated in writing to us, they are suitable for purpose, and of the quality stated.

We will not accept advertisements for the following:

  • items that are not clearly of military origin or not related to military history
  • advertisements that we believe to be misleading or fraudulent.
  • advertisements that we deem to be inappropriate or have unsuitable content.
  • advertisements that are speculative or for items not available for sale by the advertiser. 
  • advertisements with links to items on auction sites such as E Bay.
  • advertisements containing any defamatory offensive or abusive content - this includes E Mail addresses;
  • advertisements containing political or political or ideological content.

The publication of any information or advertisement  on our website in no way implies endorsement, recommendation or approval of any products, services or businesses by us.

We reserve the right to amend, edit or refuse any advertisement without giving any reason and reserves to withdraw any advertisement without prior notice or refund.
We cannot accept liability for any claims for consequential loss or damages resulting from such action.

Content of an advertisement
All advertisements received by us for publication are accepted on the understanding that the advertiser submitting the advertisement has full rights to the content of their proposed advertisement, including appropriate Copyright of material, assignment of Moral Rights etc, necessary for us to reproduce the same in an advertisement, and these are assigned without charge to us for the sole purpose of advertising on our site.

Published advertisements will at least consist of your name, one or more pictures and a link to your website.  Other information could be: date, name, address, e-mail address, social media,...

Advertising costs:
There are no costs for advertising on our page for the year 2019.

We reserve the right to alter, withdraw, modify or suspend trade advertisments if the advertiser's web site is inoperable or the content is inappropriate.
Refunds for advertising fees paid are given in exceptional circimstances, for example when an advert fails to appear for either technical reasons or it is declined by us.

All commercial advertising placed on our site is paid for by the person, firm or other entity named in the advertising. That person, firm or other entity has sole and complete responsibility for the advertising placed. 

Any purchase and/or sale that may take place as a result of advertising published in 'Military Antiques and More' takes place only by and between the parties involved, to the exclusion of 'Military Antiques and More'.

By the act of purchasing space for advertising, advertisers specifically agree to indemnify our website and its owners from any and all legal actions that may arise in reference to merchandise and/or services advertised in this Internet service.