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museum war normandy

Liberators museum - normandy 1944

Rue Colonel René Michel 9
Arromanches-Les-Bains, Basse-Normandie, France
Contact: +33 2 14 08 60 98

museum ww2 ardennes battle of the bulge

December 44 Museum

The Battle of the Bulge

Rue de l'église 7B
4987 La Gleize, Liege, Belgium

atlantikwall museum ww2


Badhuisweg ter hoogte van 119/133
Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Battlefield Bus Tours WW1 WW2


Battlefield Bus Tours organiseert jaarlijks busreizen over de Eerste Wereldoorlog (The Great War) en Tweede Wereldoorlog. Momenteel bieden we reizen aan naar Normandië, Ieper en Somme, Auschwitz/Birkenau, het Ardennenoffensief, de Schelde en over Operatie Market Garden om de geschiedenis van de Eerste en Tweede Wereldoorlog niet te vergeten.



In this museum you will experience the story of the Atlantikwall through original artefacts, audio and video, dioramas and text panels.

Location: Noorderhoofd (de pier) 3151 HG Hoek van Holland Netherlands

Atlantikwall museum ww2

Nationaal militair museum

The National Military Museum is situated on the former air base at Soesterberg. It combines the collections of the former Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg and Army Museum in Delft. There are numerous pieces on display, including tanks, planes, armoured vehicles and helicopters. 

Location: Verlengde Paltzerweg 1 Soest (Nederland)

Fort Eben-emael

Fort Eben-Emael, constructed between 1932 and 1935, was one of the largest fortifications in Europe and was thought to be impregnable.
The spectacular and innovative attack on the fortress by an elite unit of German paratroopers on 10 May 1940 marked the tragic start of World War II for Western Europe.

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