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Fields of Flanders is a 100% pure premium distilled gin, nice and herbal, fresh crispness, wonderfully elegant, smooth and refreshing with floral undertones. Fields of Flanders gin delivers flavour, body and character.
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Fields of Flanders Gin
D-Day Gin Normandy WW2

D-Day Gin

The inspirer of D-Day Gin wants to honour his grandfather Albert Taylor, who served as a British soldier under General Montgomery during World War II. D-Day gin is a tribute to his courage. The finest botanicals were carefully selected from all the places in the world where he fought for freedom: Egyptian coriander (Battle of El Alamein), Italian rosemary (Battle of Monte Cassino), German juniper (Rhineland campaign),...
The best flavours of the world in one bottle, especially for heroes.
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Dam Raider Gin

A traditionally-crafted gin with a predominant juniper note, Dam Raider is enhanced with citrus botanicals and delicate warming spices. Using seven quality botanicals we offer a well-balanced blend with a smooth, long palate and a classic combination of flavours, creating a thirst-quenching and refreshing drink. 
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